Thursday, April 19, 2012


     Today, I still have one or two american goldfinches that haven't headed home, yet. The male is beautifully colored out and the other one looks like a female. It happens every year. Some of them hang around longer than the others and it makes me wonder if they are only going a short distance from here, for their nesting territory. The ones that leave early, have further to go? I do enjoy seeing these bright yellow and black birds, as long as they want to stay here. And, the finches have such beautiful songs. I will miss the sounds that I've been hearing since last fall. A lot of the lesser goldfinches are at my feeders all year. They do leave for three or four weeks in May and June and then they're back. I'm not sure if it's for nesting, because two clutches have already come to my feeders this week, flapping their little wings and chirping to be fed.
     And, now that most of the baby birds are out of the nest, I have lots and lots of butterflies. Often, I see the mom and pop birds flying to their nests with butterflies in their beaks. My mind says "no, no!! don't take the butterflies!!". But, there are so many baby birds in the spring, I guess the mom and pop have to feed them whatever they can find.
     The weather is so nice, right now! We just need another good rain. Because of the drought we've been in the past few years, I start to stess out, thinking, "it'll never rain again!". Maybe tomorrow we'll get some rain. At least, that's what they're predicting!

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