Saturday, April 27, 2013


Look at this really cute photo of tree art I found at   FleaChicMarket .  

Tree Shaping
Pooktre Art is the growing and pruning of
trees to shape them into man made designs.
It takes years of patient tending to shape
a tree into a living sculpture.

I think I could do this with a small crepe myrtle or a redbud tree, if I get one young enough to start shaping the new branches. 
The birds are always planting redbud trees around my yard.  On two of them, I twisted the branches from the time they were very small and I love the way they look.

In this photo, this one is still a young tree.  It's much larger now, and the twisted trunk still looks really, really nice.
When this was a tiny baby, about two or three feet tall and before my picket fence was built, there was a huge old ash tree growing in the middle of my yard and I had to have it cut down.  The tree people piled a HUGE!!! pile of those limbs and tree trunk right where this little redbud tree had started growing.  I didn't know if the tiny redbud would survive, but when the city picked up allll of those limbs and trunk pieces, my tiny little redbud was still there, like it had never been at risk.
It still blooms like this in the spring.  When I'm driving down the street to my home, I can see it from a distance and it's so beautiful and welcoming.


  1. is that stick man tree for real? LOL how cute!!

    1. I do believe it is real. I'm going to try something like that, when I have just the right size to start with. It is really cute!!