Monday, May 13, 2013


     The weather has been so nice and cool, but warm some days.  I didn't realize that several of my plants in my flower garden had spider mites.  The leaves were looking white spotted and weren't as green as they should be.  So, tonight I sprayed all of my tender plants with organic liquid seaweed.  Liquid seaweed toughens the leaves of your plants, so they're not so easy for the spider mites to destroy.  I'm so glad I noticed the plants had a problem, because they would eventually weaken and die.
      Liquid seaweed is, also, nutrient rich and so good for your plants.
      I love cherry tomatoes and they're so easy to grow.  I have a very healthy cherry tomato plant in the middle of one of my flower beds and I sprayed it really well, too.
      The mixture is two tablespoons to one gallon of water.  I poured it in a quart spray bottle that I got from Lowes and went around spraying everything.  I'll try to remember to spray everything every couple of weeks.

Liquid Seaweed 0-0-1Improves Plant Strength - for Lawn & Garden
"A standard in foliar feed programs.  Contains nutrient rich North Atlantic Sea Kelp.  Considered the best and most complete mixture of trace elements for plant and animal life."

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