Thursday, August 22, 2013


(I just posted this to my decorative artisan blog, but wanted to share with you, too.  I really miss working on my blog and will be posting again, soon.)

Hi there,
     Anyone who might be wondering where I've been, I've been on back to back jobs and believe me, I'm WORN OUT!!  This is the time of year that my clients start creating and planning how they want their homes to look for the holidays. It is a bit stressful, finishing with one job so I can move on to the next client who is waiting.  I love my work and love the transformation and am so glad they choose me to work with them.
In these photos, I'm working on Christa's kitchen island.  I finished her kitchen a few days ago.  She was looking for knobs and handles and wanted something special and unique.  She did her research and hunting and I wanted to wait for photos until those were installed.  They are just beautiful in her kithcen.
I really enjoy working on my blog and am looking forward to getting back to posting, soon. 

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