Sunday, March 30, 2014


I have a new lease on life!!
The area around my front porch has been wild and messy for a long time and last week, Paul laid these stones for me.

It looks soooo nice and I'm so proud, now!!
Also, when clients move furniture in and out of my house, they have more room to maneuver.
AND, it just looks so nice and clean!
The next thing I'll do is plant dwarf creeping thyme or some kind of dwarf grass in the dirt between the stones.  I think that will look really nice, too.

While Paul was here, he trimmed my hedge.  It had spread out so much that it crowded the sidewalk and I felt like I was living in a cave.
Now, with the new rocks and much shorter and thinner hedge, my curb appeal just looks so much nicer.

While I was trimming some more and digging under the hedge, I came across these little turnip looking things growing on above ground roots from one of my large oak trees.  This is the second year I'm seen these and I'm so curious about them.
Do you know what these are??
Please let me know if you have any informaiton.
(Click on the picture to enlarge)


  1. We had an entire patio of broken stones with greenery between, but we just had the entire thing dug up and replaced with concrete between the stones. It just became too difficult to keep clean and the stones were never laid evenly. Now it is so easy to keep clean.

    My favorite greenery we had between our stones was a strawberry plant ground cover. It looked beautiful between the stones and you have a much smaller area to fill in.

    Enjoy your new stone area.

    1. This area is really never walked on, except by the cats. Since it's close to the house, I want to make sure moisture can get to the foundation and my crepe myrtle tree that's right there. And, I'm going to look into the strawberry plant. I need something that is evergreen so there won't be any mud in the wintertime. My two cats and the neighbor's two cats live and eat right there by the porch. The oak leaves are falling right now and yesterday I noticed that I will be needing to sweep the stones, but I don't mind. In the back, I have the stones set in concrete and they're very nice that way.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I, purposely, did not take a picture of "before" :) But, I do love the stones, now.