Monday, August 18, 2014


I'm telling you!!  I have done everything I can to keep the small wildlife out of my yard so Charlie will be safe at night.  I dug down and placed bricks under my gates so the possums and skunks couldn't dig under like they have in the past.   Charlie has been sprayed twice by a skunk digging under the back gate.  But, not anymore because of the bricks.
Recently, I could tell something has been in the backyard because of the way Charlie runs around sniffing everywhere.
I think the coyote is gone from the neighborhood, for now.  And, since the birds are no longer nesting they're not chasing Charlie around the yard.  But, he still won't go out at night unless I go with him.  This started about three or four months ago.
So night before last I was standing outside waiting for Charlie to come back and kept noticing an odd shape on top of the fence.  This is an 8' high fence.  I kept getting closer to see what it was and got my camera for this shot.

Hello possum!!
Because I have tried to create a bird sanctuary in my backyard for many years, I have planted lots of shrubbery and trees.  Some of the shrubbery like my lady banksia has spread so beautifully that it's easy for something to climb into and out of the yard, especially if you consider a compost pile a delicacy.
We've had two encounters with this possum on the ground, but I play like I don't see it and Charlie can't keep his eyes off of it, hoping it will run so he can chase it.. 
"Go pottie, Charlie!!"  
I just hope it's not hiding in my garden shed!!  
One time I found a tiny possum hiding in there and I think it had come in through the kitty door.
I do love nature and so glad it has found me in the middle of town.


  1. We have a coyote and raccoons that frequent our neighborhood. It's really odd seeing a coyote running down the middle of the road. :) Thanks for linking up at the Tuesday Garden Party!

    1. I think that coyote is gone now and might have been keeping her babies safe behind one of my neighbor's houses. I don't hear the dogs barking at it like they were. I'm sure they come in here from time to time. I think most neighborhoods have them. One early morning my neighbor was out watering the front yard and that coyote walked right down the street in front of him. It didn't even seem afraid or wary.

  2. I live in Deerfield and my house backs up to a greenbelt. My house sits slightly above the greenbelt, so I can see into a part of it from the upstairs rooms. Sometimes we see a coyote and a fox running together on either side of the fence. You can tell they are coming by the barking of the dogs. The little fox has been here for a couple of years. I don't know if they are friends or if one of them is chasing the other, but I've seen them together more than once. Between those two and the possum family,dog is a nervous wreck.

    1. Poor doggie! That is so neat that you're on a greenbelt. I bet you see all kinds of wildlife. The fox and the coyote sound interesting. Did your seeds come up? Nice hearing from you.