Sunday, January 4, 2015



Happy New Year to my friends!

Tonight, the temperature is going to be down in the 20's for the first time this year.  I'm sure everything will be frozen in the morning.
I'm still concerned about the monarch chrysalises.  I hope the butterflies didn't die.  Maybe they're just waiting for warmer weather before they hatch.
Friday, I was coming out of a store and noticed that one of my tires was almost flat.  I had run over a staple.  I panicked because so many places were still closed for New Years.  I was just a few blocks away from my favorite tire place and they happened to be open, thank goodness!!  They repaired my tire in just a little while.
While I was waiting, I noticed a guy in a wheelchair getting his oil changed on his bright red pickup.
He was maneuvering that wheelchair back and forth, talking to the attendant.  He had lots of energy.
I noticed that he was wearing an army jacket.
He was a beautiful young man, very handsome with long blondish hair under his cap.  I could tell he used to be tall.  
His legs had been amputated just above his knees and his hands were scarred badly from burns.
I asked him if he was in the army and he said he used to be.  I thanked him for his service, which sounded so cliche', but I meant it.  He said he had done two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and he really missed it.  He said he would have made a career out of the army if he hadn't gotten hurt.
Wow!!  What a brave young man.
The guys were talking to him about cars and things.
I keep thinking about him.  It was really real.  Not on tv, but right there in front of me.
He seemed to be really smart, so I'm sure things will go well for him.
I truly do appreciate his bravery and service and I wish him the very best life possible.


  1. That was so kind of you to thank him. Both my husband and oldest son were in the service and it means so much to know people care! Happy New Year!

  2. I am so awed by people that risks their lives to keep others safe. We are getting cold tonight too and I'm trying to build a warm shelter for this stray cat that I've been feeding.

    1. Me, too! They are very brave. I saw that beautiful little cat. I bet he has been warm in that shelter and I bet his tummy is full.