Saturday, June 24, 2017



This morning I was looking at the birdhouses around my yard. 
They really need a new coat of paint.
I'll do that when the birds have finished nesting.
Through the years, I have added more and more.
I love the way they look and it gives the birds a choice when they're looking for the best and safest place to build their nests.  The little wrens sleep in the houses at night.
Years ago, I was painting in a home out in the country.There was a broken trunk of a cedar elm and I noticed two titmice going back and forth feeding their babies.
 They had built their nest in the opening of the broken trunk.
  After that, I started putting some of the birdhouses on 4x4's.
My salmon cannas have started blooming.  Yesterday, I noticed a family of blue jays playing around nearby.  I'm sure the baby blue jays were learning to fly.  They landed on my canna bloom and bent it.  So, I put these trellises out this morning for the birds to land on, instead of my cannas.  Hopefully!  I love trellises and I have a lot of them.
 I keep them in flower beds for the birds to land on and I get to see who is visiting my yard.
When they're up in the trees you really can't see them.
This is a very tall sunflower plant.  The birds planted it for me. 
 It's almost finished blooming and the flowers are drying.  
I'll put them in the backyard so the birds can eat the sunflower seeds.
This is such a good time of year, but it's getting really hot in south Texas.
I hope you are enjoying the wildlife in your yard, too.


  1. My canna lilies are going crazy right now.

    1. I love cannas. They come in so many different colors and always good in the background.