Tuesday, July 17, 2012


     Today has been a sad day.  I have a neighbor who had several cats and two or three of them were from stray mamas dropping them off because my neighbor would (only) sometimes feed them.  But, their diet was the worst!!  Her cats were weak, not terribly healthy and I felt so sorry for them.  I always left water out and extra food.  Finally, one of her friends reported her to animal control because my neighbor would laugh about not feeding them.  It has been a very sad situation for a long time.  Yesterday, animal control came by and told her to bring the cats in today.  This morning, she was rounding them up to put them in cages.  Because they weren't in the best shape, I'm afraid they are going to be put to sleep and I keep wondering if it's happened yet!!!  A little while ago, as I passed by her house, there were no cats in her front yard. 
     I'm just so sad because I'll miss seeing them.  And, it's just so sad that so many people are insensitive to the suffering and welfare of animals.  Maybe it's for the best that they are gone, but it's still very, very sad.  And, this situation could have been prevented, if only my neighbor had been more sensitive and caring.
     (I've tried to keep this post decent and as I was typing, I had to keep revising my thoughts.  But believe me, I have very strong thoughts and very strong words in my mind, when thinking about the #x!%^ next door!!!)

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