Thursday, September 6, 2012


     For three days, now, I've seen the most beautiful, large male Baltimore Oriole.  But, when I look out, he's flying away from the birdbath, with the evening sun shining on his, oh so bright, neon orange tummy.  I've been trying to watch, so I can get a photo of him, but not yet!  I don't see any family, just him.  Maybe Charlie, running out to chase the grackles and doves, makes him leery of hanging around.  I'll keep trying!!
     HERE HE IS!!!  Finally got a photo of him!

    I was at the kitchen window watching for him.  I usually see him around 5:30.  When he first landed, some doves, guarding the birdbath, chased him off.  I knew he'd be back, so I was ready with my camera.  And, I wonder where he's been today, because he drank and drank water.  Maybe, even for a minute or so.  He was really thirsty.
I have a lot of swallowtail butterflies in my yard, lately.  Black and giant tiger (I think) swallowtails.  Yesterday, as I was watchng the oriole, there were two very large tiger (I think) swallowtails flying near him and I thought that was so beautiful and colorful.  When I see two at the same time, I guess they have just hatched.  I've seen giant swallowtails hovering around my key lime tree and maybe one laid eggs on it.  I just didn't notice.
So, I'll be watching for the Baltimore Oriole tomorrow, because they will all be gone soon, and I won't get to see them again, until next fall.
Thank you!  Thank you! that I got to see them in my yard, again.

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