Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Even though we've had a few chilly days, on the warm days there are lots of butterflies in my yard.

This is a red admiral.  So beautiful!!  Resting on the stone for warmth.

 The butterflies in my yard are bright yellow, orangy yellow, beige, black and orange, orange, and I saw a small white one.  I always feed the flowering plants in my yard with Medina granular organic fertilizer.  I just throw a hand full of fertilizer around the base and roots of the plant.  It is just so special to see butterflies and I want to encourage them as much as I can.  But, I do wonder where all of the different varieties come from, to find my yard.  A few blocks away, there's a Lowes and I always wonder if some of these butterfly eggs and larvae are brought in on their plants.  And, I think they probably blow in with the cold fronts because there are so many varieties that I don't usually see.  Often, when I'm driving down a street, I'll see a butterfly crossing in front of me.  As they find the appropriate place to rest, they will lay eggs on a host plant, producing more beautiful butterflies.

I'm so glad they do find my yard!

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