Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday, I visited a friend who has the most wonderful home and property!  She has several flower and vegetable gardens around the property and a small fruit orchard.  She picked and gave me two very large, juicy pomegranates.
This photo is not her home, it is her Poultry Palace!  The chickens roost in here and I took a photo of them out back of the Poultry Palace.

From time to time, I've considered building a poultry palace
but, just haven't decided if I need ONE MORE THING ON MY LIST TO DO!!  It would be so nice to have fresh eggs.
My friend's store is on this property and it's called The French Farmhouse.  She sells wonderful old furniture, mostly from Europe.
Yesterday, I took a photo of one of the pieces.

She said she sees this in a bathroom with a cut out for a sink.  It would be beautiful as a desk, tv table or just about anything you could think of. 
I did enjoy my visit!


  1. Great French table. Love the chippy white paint. That piece could be used for any number of things.

  2. Lynda, I love this piece! I would love to visit there sometime if it is open to the public! I also didn't know about butterfly weed! I want to find some! Glad you share....I will learn from you.