Saturday, April 13, 2013


The american goldfinches are coloring out, a bright sunflower yellow.  That is a sure sign to me that spring is here.  They hang out here all winter and are a yellow, gray beigy color.  Starting in March, the males start turning a very bright yellow, their time to find a mate colors.  The very last ones to leave for home are still here.  There are, probably, three left on my feeders.  I hate to see them go and look forward to seeing them, again, next fall.

The birds drop sunflower seeds here and there in my flower beds and I always let them grow.  This one 
has just opened and so beautiful  to see the bright yellow in my back flower bed.  There are others around the yard, not quite ready to bloom.

All winter, I've been feeding and nourishing my two beds of butterfly weed so it will be ready and blooming when the monarchs get here.  I haven't seen one, yet.  But, they will be laying eggs on it and the larvae/tiny baby caterpillars will eat every single leaf on it.
A few weeks ago, I found a cherry tomato plant.  I cook a lot with tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are such good producers.  I didn't want to plant it until all the cold weather and frost had passed, but it really, really wanted to bloom and make tomatoes.  So, I picked my very first cherry tomatoes, yesterday.  Tomorrow, I'll get it in the ground.

I tried to take a photo of one of the last american goldfinches, but couldn't get a good angle from the screened in window.  Can you see how bright yellow he is, with that tiny black cap on his head.
I will miss seeing them.

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