Sunday, April 14, 2013


     Starting tomorrow, the city is coming by to pick up limbs and brush.  So the last few days, I've been on my ladder trimming all the little sprouts on my oak trees and other small limbs that I can reach, safely.  And, today, Gus (my go-to guy) came to help with the bigger limbs.
     While I was on my 10' step ladder, I was up in the middle of the tree and there was such a nice breeze blowing and I thought to myself, "no wonder the birds love being up here!".
     Soon, the city is going to give us compost bins.  I'm so glad because I always hesitate to trim my landscape because I can't bear to throw trimmings in the trash.  Now, I think my yard will be looking much better.
     A couple of weeks ago, I fertilized my yard and landscape with Medina granular organic fertilizer.  I do believe it shows, because everything, usually, looks very healthy.

     Having a huge truckload of compost or dirt delivered and dumped in my driveway is just overwhelming for me.  So, I buy very large bags of organic soil and and just throw hands full all over my grass.  Today, I mowed the yard, added the soil and then watered it in very well, so my Charlie wouldn't be tracking it in.  My grass will be very happy with this new layer of soil.  
     A few years back, I got lots of bags of organic "compost" from ----- and it nearly killed all of my grass.  The gardening show on the radio from Shades of Green here in town, has mentioned that a lot of compost has manure and the hay eaten had been treated with picloram.  I believe that chemical must have been in the compost I bought, so be very careful when it says organic.  And, be very careful about using hay in your garden...just my thoughts.

     There is a winter weed that tries to grow in my yard that is so pretty, like baby's breath.  But, when it goes to seed, it is a nightmare for furry doggies.  I try to keep it pulled up, but while I was working in the yard, trimming, Charlie got into some of that weed that had gone to seed and omgoodness!!  I'll be spending about 30 minutes pulling this stuff out of his fur.  If I comb him, it hurts.  He's gotten in it so many times, that's why I try to keep it pulled up.  I'm like a mama monkey picking those seeds out of his fur.
My yard looks so pretty with all the trimming and mowing.
Today was a good day!!

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