Saturday, April 12, 2014


First water iris in my fish pond this year.  So pretty!
I took a break from painting and went outside to change the water in the bird baths, feed the birds and feed the fish and this beautiful water iris greeted me.  Everything else is just now turning green and starting over and it was so nice to see the beautiful, tall purple iris.

On the left, the american goldfinches have been coloring out and one by one, they've been heading back home to their nesting grounds.  
The little black back and bright yellow on the right is a lesser goldfinch.  Some of them will be heading back to somewhere, but lots of them hang around here year round.  
I just love the little finches.  Their twittering and songs are just so beautiful.
While I'm in the yard, filling the feeders or sweeping the rock walk, they stay up in the trees and sing.
Sweet little birds.

This little hummingbird was bathing in the sprinkler and I couldn't get a good picture because it kept wiggling and shaking off the water.  So cute!
This is such a wonderful time of year for me.  I love seeing the first black swallowtail and one has laid eggs on some of my herbs that I keep in a flower pot.
The crepe myrtles have their new leaves and will be flowering, soon.
Everything is starting over.
Life begins, again.


  1. I sure wish that I had a lot of your birds. I only get the house wrens, mockingbirds, black capped chickadees and sparrows. I do have LOTS of hummers and they sure keep me busy refilling their feeders. Your garden is lovely and I am sure you are very happy that Spring has finally arrived.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely garden and have a great weekend.

    1. I do love my garden and thank you so much. For many years, I have tried to create a bird sanctuary in my backyard and I think the birds feel safe here. I love the birds that you mentioned. If you have chickadees, I'm sure you have titmice, too. Where you find one, you will find the other. Also, surely you have goldfinches in CA. I try to keep some limbs low, trellises and other things low, so I can see who is landing in my yard. I'm enjoying everything now because by June, the temperature will be rising and I can't bear to be in the yard when it's close to 100 degrees. You have a nice weekend, too.

  2. Replies
    1. I know! Too bad they don't last all year. They're so pretty against the water.