Sunday, April 27, 2014


  My redbud tree blooms have fallen off and now it has leaves, but this picture was so pretty I wanted to share it with you.

Every year as winter is ending, I so look forward to these blooms.
It's such a good feeling when I see the tiny buds starting.  

Purple martin house.
A couple of years ago, my baby oak trees were getting so tall that they were going to be interfering with the first flight of the baby purple martins.  So, for their sake I closed the house forever.  
A week ago I noticed this little dove nesting.  I guess it's as good as a tree for her.
There will be babies, soon.

Today, while I was in the yard I kept hearing baby birds.  Then, I realized it was the tiny carolina wrens already out of the nest and following their parents, learning how to forage.
I knew the wrens were nesting somewhere nearby, but this box is out of site from my kitchen window and I think they were nesting in it.  It looks like a wren nest to me.  I think baby wrens go back to the nest at night until they're more independent so I'll wait a while to clean out this nesting box.

And, he's gone now!
Around the middle of March, the visiting american goldfinches start coloring out for their trip back home to nest.  They're always at my feeders until late April and maybe early May.
This one finally left this past week.
I will miss their beautiful, striking colors.


  1. Love that picket fence and gorgeous tree! We don't encourage nesting at our house (2 cats).

    1. I know!! I have cats, too. I love my redbud tree and love, love, love my picket fence. Originally, it was built to keep neighbor dogs away from my cats. That works and when I'm in the yard working, Charlie is safe, too.