Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There's a coyote (at least one) in our neighborhood and three of the neighbors have seen it.  I needed to mow my easement this afternoon and I was a bit anxious because I was afraid the coyote might be hiding or sleeping down in the grass or behind the hackberry trees that come up from seeds.  But, I got brave and mowed and no coyote.  There's a small hole in the gate to my easement and I've wondered if the coyote has come in there, looking for food.  

Thank goodness I have high fences.  I've always had small dogs and always been afraid something would jump the fence and get them.  I think Charlie is safe from the coyote.
Remember that very large toad frog 
that has been around for a while and was hibernating in the leaves in my fish pond?  This morning I found him belly-up at the bottom of the pond.  Not sure what was going on, but I got my net and fished him out and laid him on the patio because he didn't look dead.  This afternoon when I got home, I went out to look and he was gone.  I can't imagine what would have been big enough to carry him off and I would like to think he woke up and is still around.  He was very interesting last summer.

Do you have crepe myrtles?  In the spring they shed their trunk's outer layers.  Just like a snake shedding it's skin.  After it's dried up a bit and loose, I like to just stand there and peel it off.  As it's shedding it's really messy, but it makes good mulch.
I hope your spring has been wet with lots of rain. 
 We've been lucky, so far, and hoping the wonderful rains continue from now to fall.
I can hear the little Carolina wren calling 
like they do just before they go into their roosting place at night.  Lots of times it's one of my birdhouses.  I'm going to go into my studio and try to see where it's roosting.  I've noticed that they call and call and call just to see if anybody/anything is watching and then they'll go into their house real fast, so as not to be seen.
I love nature!

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