Friday, October 3, 2014


Do you like brussel sprouts, too?
I love brussel sprouts!!

The first thing I do is soak them in water and pull off the loose leaves.  I save the clean leaves that I pull off and will cook them later.  The reason I pull off the loose leaves is to make sure there's no dirt on them.  Another reason is, once at a cafeteria I was eating broccoli and there was a very large bug in it.  Then, one time I was cleaning broccoli to cook and found a very large bug and it was still alive. 
I figured they came in from the farm. 
Soooo, any leaves that are loose or any other hiding places, I wash and check very carefully.

To cook the brussel sprouts, I cut the ends off and cut each one in half.  I add chopped onions and grated carrots and my favorite spice.  Then, I pour olive oil all over everything and mix it up really well, making sure everything is covered with the olive oil.  I lay the brussel sprouts cut side down.  Last, I grate a little bit of cheese over all.
I cook at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour, til they're soft.  
I eat a lot while it's still hot.  Then, after it's cool, I put it all in little freezer bags and into the freezer it goes.  Cooking the brussel sprouts this way, it's still really good after it's been frozen.  I can have brussel sprouts often and my very favorite thing is to eat this with my breakfast.
You could add other vegetables, if you want, but this is my favorite way to cook brussel sprouts.  And, I think it's a very nutritious way to cook them, too.
I guess you can tell that I really, really love brussel sprouts!!
Oh, and my little Charlie loves them, too.

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