Friday, June 12, 2015



Yesterday, I was picking up little limbs and twigs scattered around my front porch.  
This little limb was stuck in my crepe myrtle tree.  I wasn't really paying attention, but just so happened to look just before I grabbed the limb.  Look what was on that little limb!!
That wasp nest is exactly where I was going to put my hand.
Thank goodness!!! I glanced at it, first.
This morning I took my Elijah cat for his yearly vaccinations.  There were about six people waiting in line with their dogs and it was fun to watch.  Some of them had two and three dogs on  leashes.  Some of the dogs actually looked like their owners, especially in size.  I really enjoyed seeing the variety of  dogs, their colors and their personalities.  I really did!
Poor Elijah has insect sensitivity and his nose and ears are in bad shape.  Every spring, as soon as the mosquitoes come out his nose and ears start looking really bad.  As it cools off in the fall and the mosquitoes go away, his nose and ears clear up and I can tell he feels so much better.
His mother left him and his sister in my yard.  I can touch Punkin, but Elijah has always been a scaredy cat.  He comes around for food, but I can't really pet him or pick him up to doctor him.  I have to trick him and grab him to put him in the pet carrier.
 I've heard that organic cactus juice is a mosquito repellent.  I'm thinking I will get some and spray it around the yard where he sleeps.
Hope your weekend is nice and peaceful.  
I'm thinking mine will be and I won't be in pain from multiple wasp stings!!


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    1. There are several wasp nests around my front porch and I'm going to knock them all down. I just hate killing them, but gonna do what I have to.