Sunday, July 21, 2013


Yesterday, I heard a "different" sound in my really high montezuma cypress tree.

It reminded me that one of my most favorite times of  the year is almost here.
Starting around the end of July, the most beautiful, colorful migrating birds pass through my yard and I get to see lots of them.
For many years, I've tried to create a bird sanctuary in my yard.  By now, I do believe I'm on the migrating path of many of them.
On my facebook, if you click on photos and then albums, you can see photos of many of the birds that pass through.  Album:  "Birds Visiting My Yard"

This is a male painted bunting and the bright colors are just amazing.  The female is a beautiful emerald and avocado green.  Spring and fall, I get to see these passing through.
Hoping I'm home enough that I get to see lots of the other birds passing through this year, too.  Most of them will hang out for a day or two and come to the bird bath early morning and late afternoon.  Sometimes, the baltimore orioles hang out for a week to a month and I really, really love seeing them.
I'll be watching!!


  1. Beautiful!
    It really does pay off to make that extra effort to attract birds.
    Lea's Menagerie

    1. YES!! I get the most amazing birds and it always thrills me that they visit my yard on their way to wherever they're going.