Monday, July 8, 2013


This morning, I went outside to turn on the sprinklers.  Because it's usually dark, I use a flashlight to see exactly what I'm stepping on.  As I pass the fish pond, I always shine it in the water because it's interesting to see the fish in the dark.

As I looked in the fish pond, I saw someting out of the corner of my eye.  It was large, flat, beige and swimming straight for the bottom to hide under some foliage.  I kept looking for it and finally saw a large toad frog.  I know I have one that lives under the rocks around the pond.  I must have startled it and it jumped in the water.  
Did you know that toad frogs can swim?  They mate in the water and lay their eggs in the water, thus tadpoles.
Nature is fascinating.


  1. I had to put deer netting over my pond because a Great Blue Heron ate 6 of my huge koi. I cried. So anyway, I have a big bull frog and when I go out at night to bring in the bird feed (because I also have raccoon), the frog plays trampoline on the deer netting. Funny to watch and luckily for him - he is too big to get entangled in it.

  2. So funny about your bullfrog. Most summers I get a leopard frog, but not this summer, yet. I have been wary of those large birds at my fish pond. I think they don't land here, because of my Charlie. My neighbor had a heron a few years back and it ate some of his fish. I don't want to lose my fish, but would just love seeing one of those birds stop at my pond.