Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A couple of years ago, I purchased two new water hoses that were gray, a perfect color to blend with my grass.  And, they didn't kink and that was a good thing, too, I thought!!  But, when I ran the water, there was a chemical outgassing odor and I was so afraid it might hurt my fish.  And, it did hurt my fish.    The water coming from that hose killed several of my large, original fish.  I didn't figure that out for a while and kept adding water and making it worse.  Several of my very large goldfish were my original fish and were around 10 years old.  I love my fish pond and was so sad, watching my fish slowly die and I didn't know what was wrong.  A hose was a hose and I just didn't know!  Because of the smell coming out of the front yard hose, I wouldn't even freshen the outside cat water because I was afraid it would, somehow, poison my cats.  And, I did ask around and never really got a good answer about a better hose.

Every Sunday, I listen to THE DIRT DOCTOR , organic gardener, on the radio and he mentioned some hoses that he uses.  He talked about WATER RIGHT, INC , and I Googled their hoses.  They are polyurethane hoses and there is no outgassing.  Immediately, I ordered these hoses and finally got them today.  They are very lightweight and so easy to pull around the yard.  I'm thrilled to have discovered these hoses!!
(If you will click on The Dirt Doctor link and the Water Right, Inc link, they will take you to those wonderful sites.)

First thing tomorrow morning, I'm going to change out most of the water in my fish pond.
Thank you so much to Howard Garrett the Dirt Doctor for talking about Water Right, Inc, or I never would have known about the outgassing and  letting me know I had another choice.
                                                       I JUST DIDN'T KNOW!!


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