Monday, September 30, 2013


This is Elijah.  He loves to sleep in my flower pots, so I leave them empty, just for him.

He's a very sweet scaredy cat.  He came to me with Punkin, when they were babies.  But, it's like nobody ever touched him, because he is very skittish.  Even though I'm the one who feeds him, he's always nervous about me touching him and jerks away. 
A major problem is that he has "insect sensitivity".  His poor nose and a paw are always skin exposed, like he's been scratching.  It's time for his shots and I will have to have the pet carrier nearby and grab him to put him in.  That's always stressful for me, too.
For a while, he had stopped hanging around.  I've noticed that since the skunk is gone, he's acting like this is his home, again.  I guess he was avoiding the skunk.
I've been doing my best to get him to trust me.  I'm sure he's in pain all the time.
Poor baby!!


  1. Aw he's precious. He looks content in the pot but his poor little nose kind of glows. My mother in law had a cat that she couldn't catch. The vet would come to her house and somehow they sedated it.

    1. I've taken him for shots before and once I get close and grab him, he never fights me. Usually, I can't get that close. But, now I have to. He's a very, very nice cat and doesn't fight with other cats.