Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     Many years ago, I added on my studio.  When they were laying the foundation, they forgot my supply closet, so they added it on with rebar and wire, but not a trench in the ground like the rest of the foundation.  For years, I've had to work to keep critters from trying to live and nest under it.
     Monday, I noticed a huge pile of dirt and noticed that something had dug a hole under my closet foundation.  With a hose, I flushed that critter out and it was a very wet skunk!!

This photo is blurry because I was holding a hose in one hand in case it turned on me and trying to work my camera with the other hand.  I'm not exaggerating!!  I had to flush it out NINE times.  I would open the gate so it would have an exit and twice it burrowed back in.  I filled those holes and then twice he climbed my large lady banksia and got over the fence.  I just couldn't believe it didn't get the message to move on.  I did wonder if it might be a mommy and had babies under there, but after all of that water they couldn't be alive and I really don't think it was a female.  But, it just WOULD NOT go away!!
I plugged the hole under the foundation and put all kinds of stuff on it, hoping it would deter the skunk, but it didn't.
Last night, I put out a have-a-heart trap to get it and didn't, so I think it finally went away.  Maybe, it was waiting for darkness to leave.  And, if it had babies under there, I'm hoping it was waiting for darkness to move them.  I would rather think that way, rather than think I killed her babies.
That was quite an ordeal and very frustrating because I didn't want to hurt the skunk and for sure didn't want it in my yard with Charlie and the cats.
Not once, did it spray while I was chasing it out.  I kept my distance with the hose and water.
It was an interesting experience.
And, in case you ever wondered, a skunk shakes the water off just like a dog does after a bath.
I'll know for sure in the morning, but I do hope this ordeal is OVER!!
(Today, I went to Lowe's and got some concrete and will dig a deep trench around that closet and fill it up with the concrete.  Oh my!!)


  1. I would have loved to see you with the camera, hose and trying to keep out of range of a shot!

    1. Ha! I had to have proof of my post to ya'll. That poor little skunk was trying to get away from me and that water.

  2. ewww...scary encounter, hopefully you didn't get the stinkbomb

    1. Amazingly, no! But I did have the water hose. The skunk didn't seem to be interested in spraying me, as long as it could get away and I didn't corner it.

  3. That's one big skunk, and that tail, right there, is a signal for its spraying. Good thing it got out before it actually sprayed its foul scent in your studio. And it is such a relief that it never crossed your mind to try and kill the skunk and its babies. It is more humane to hire professional wildlife control crew to rid of them instead of trying to kill them. Bill @

  4. Oh, I would never want to kill it. That poor little skunk was trying not to drown because of all of the water I sprayed under the house. I guess that's why it never sprayed me. Finlally, it was gone and I'm very glad about that!!