Friday, September 27, 2013


Blue is not my favorite color, but I do LOVE blue flowers.  

Blue plumbago is everywhere in my yard and I love looking out of my windows and seeing the beautiful blooms and green foliage.  Here, they start blooming early spring and don't stop blooming until they freeze with the first hard frost, (November? December? January?).  They're very hardy and come up from seeds that are dropped in the flower beds.  I have large flower beds and more and more blue plumbago(s?) are coming up along the fence lines and I love it!!  All of the swallowtail butterflies love the flowers and they always look so pretty fluttering in the midst of the blue.
I, also, love tree trunks and these are my giant crepe myrte trees.

This is a butterfly pea vine.  To see these royal blue flowers all over the vine is just breathtaking.  It's a legume and grows beans for seeds.  It is very, very hardy, too.  It seems to come back, no matter what kind of winter we have.
(You might notice that I have spider mites on these leaves.  I'll spray some organic liquid seaweed on the leaves and it will get rid of the spider mites really fast.)

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