Friday, January 3, 2014


Well, I have waited a few days to let you know about the peppermint oil.  I found out that I needed to put a little of the oil on the cotton ball every morning.  I, even, added a second one at the top of the feeder.  I think it might be working because I have seen a squirrel, maybe once a day.  Before the peppermint oil, they were at the feeder constantly.
  I'll keep observing and let you know.

And, can you tell Punkin is drooling?
I just fed the fish and Punkin's eyes are moving back and forth following them.
I think she looks so pretty sitting on these rocks.  She's a good, sweet cat and a good friend to Charlie.

Look at my front yard!!  I have a huge montezuma cypress tree and it is dropping it's frawns right now and is almost bare.  It's been too cold to rake them into the flower beds, but tomorrow it is supposed to be close to 70 degrees, so I will rake them tomorrow.  
They are wonderful mulch for the flowerbeds.  
Also, I put piles of them in certain areas for the outside cats to sleep on.  
They make a very soft bed.
Now, the other picture is sow thistle coming up in my flower pots.  I always let them grow because the lesser goldfinches love the tiny seeds in the puffy white blossom.  I have tons of lessers right now and they will be here until spring.  A few will stay because they live around here, but the rest will migrate back to wherever they came from.  They're such beautiful little birds.
This is a link to my post from last year.  If you can find them, you will see the little lesser goldfinches hanging on the plant, eating the thistle seeds.
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  1. 70 tomorrow! We are lucky if it gets into the 30's tomorrow!! Jealous!

    1. One thing we can count on here, is the weather always changing. Another coldfront is on it's way and Monday night it will be about 23 degrees. Stay warm!!