Friday, August 31, 2012


     They're here!!  or, they were here.  This first flock of beautiful migrating Baltimore Orioles, the family, got here on the 28th.

Then, I saw the very beautiful male Baltimore Oriole on the 29th and this was the best photo I could get of him.

Usually, they hang out in my yard for several days to two weeks.  But, I think this first flock has already moved on.  And, I wondered if the wind currents from hurricane Isaac might have influenced their early departure. 
Anyway, I'm sure I'll see two or three more flocks passing through and, hopefully, hanging out here for a while.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


and, he has his family with him.

Monday, August 27, 2012


     For me, summertime is not a fun time in the garden.  It's just so, so hot and unpleasant.  Years ago, I planted lots of trees for the birds in my backyard, but they're not quite big enough to shade my whole yard.  So, all I do each day is change the water in the birdbaths, feed the fish, water anything that really needs it and get back in the house, where it's so cool and comfortable.
     But, things are changing...maybe because of the drought and bad weather up north.  A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing the migrating birds in my backyard. They were happily flying back and forth and hanging out at the birdbath.  They're here a bit earlier than I've seen them in years past.
These orchard orioles were the first migrating birds I saw this year.  They stayed in my yard for several days and I haven't seen them for a few days, but if they're still around, I'll see them here, again.

This is a migrating yellow warbler and he has a couple of buddies with him.  When I see two or three of them at the birdbath, I run to get my camera, but they've already flown away.  They've been here almost two weeks, so maybe I'll still be able to get photos of all of them together.
   It is so interesting and I don't understand how all of these migrating birds find me.  I feel positive that I'm on their migrating path.  After migrating thousands and hundreds of miles, how did they find my yard the first time.  After they find me, they do keep coming back year after year.  I always see the baltimore orioles between August 15 and September 10, but haven't seen them, yet.  Each year, the first time I see them, it takes my breath away and I think "they're here!!", because I'm always looking for them.  Their coloring is sooo beautiful with the contrast of the bright, bright orange and bright black.  I'm looking and waiting for them, now.

In the meantime, everything is having babies and getting ready for the winter.  A mama squirrel kept protecting one side of my garden shed and when I exlplored, I heard babies squeaking.  I didn't mean to let that squirrel nest in my yard!!  If they're born here, they seem to "claim" it and think they own the bird feeders.  But, I'll let her nest here, this time.  It'll be cute to see the baby squirrels.

And, this toad frog has been hanging out at my pond laying eggs.  Did you know a toad frog can swim?  They lay their eggs in water.  Many years ago, when I first started my fish pond, I only had baby fish.  I would have nine or twelve toad frogs, at and in the fish pond singing loudly and laying eggs.  I guess my baby fish couldn't eat the eggs and tadpoles.  As the fish grew, the frog population slowed down, because the larger fish would eat the frog eggs and tadpoles.
So, my interest is growing again, in the backyard.  Just waiting for the cooler weather, now.