Saturday, May 31, 2014


This morning it was so nice and cool that I was enjoyed working in the yard for a while.

While I was sweeping my rock walk and loving being outside, a new family of wonderful little chickadees landed just above my head.  One of the parents was really fussing at me to go away so they could show their babies the black oil sunflower seeds.  So, I moved to another part of the yard and watched them.  Soooo cute!!  I LOVE those feisty little birds!!  They're so tiny and so brave!

This morning I was listening to an outdoors show on the radio and the host said to LEAVE THE FAWNS ALONE.  Here, this is the time they are being and have just been born.  He said their mommies leave them to go a short distance to eat and they are nearby watching their babies.  He said the wildlife rescuers said people are bringing in fawns, thinking they're abandoned.  Unless the tiny fawns are injured or sick, leave them alone.  Also, you are taking a risk of the doe attacking you, protecting her baby.  I haven't gotten to see one, yet.  I keep looking, though.

Hope you are having wonderful spring weather, too!

One of my Facebook friends just posted:

  • Diana There are two fawns in the backyard of my house in Timberwood. Their moms gave birth to them in the yard, leave them for short periods of time to forage, then return to nurse them. One was also born there last year and stayed until he could jump the fence to get out. Smart moms know they are safe in the yard!!
  • Lynda Bergman Oh, that's so sweet!! One of my clients in the country said they will bring the babies up to her garage and several will surround the babies to protect them. Thanks for sharing that 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It has been raining a lot!!

It started yesterday.  
It was my birthday and I counted it as a special birthday blessing.
Today, it is still raining and more this afternoon and more for the rest of the week.
My trees thank YOU, the birds thank YOU and I thank YOU!!
This drought has been awful and I'm hoping this is the beginning of  the end (of the drought).

I asked Charlie if he wanted a cookie.
When I mention food, he always licks his lips.
Such a good little doggie!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Charlie and I were working in the backyard and the sweet, sweet neighbor dogs came down the easement to visit, again.

Not sure how they get out of their yard, but they always end up in my easement.
But, I knew they needed to go back home.  I gave them some water and they played with Charlie through the fence.
One of these days, I'm going to build new gates without these openings.  Possums, skunks and raccoons were coming in, so I put all of that chicken wire in the openings.
I love using chicken wire because you can't see it across the yard and from the house. 
When I know birds are nesting in a certain area, I put chicken wire around the tree trunk or wherever I know there's a nest.  I try to discourage the cats and it usually does keep them away from the nests.
The doggies' family came to get them, so they're gone for now.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Earlier, I posted about Mr. Cardinal demanding food.
This is not the same cardinal and maybe it's his baby because he's not fully colored out.
His daddy taught him about me.  He flies over when I go in the backyard, so I feed him. 
I love it and I love animal behavior.
Yesterday, I was foolin with the fish pond and really concentrating.  I could hear him chirping at me and was busy and didn't go for sunflower seeds.
All of a sudden, he whistled REAL LOUD and went into song and THAT got my attention.  I went over and got him food.

Today, I was watering in the front yard and  there he was right above me singing for quite a while and I was enjoying it and appreciating him.  I looked up to take a picture, then he flew to the backyard.  I don't know if that was a message or what but this bird's "got my number"!!
I keep waiting for him to turn into Godzilla and land on my head.
But, I'm loving it!!  

Saturday, May 17, 2014


The weather is just wonderful for working in the yard, today. 
 I got the yard mowed and a few things trimmed back.
One of the best things that's happened to me in a very long time, gardenwise (is that a word?), is the huge compost bin the city has finally given us.  In the past, I just couldn't throw trimmings in the trash for the trash dump.  I guess I was having separation anxiety!  I could just hear them saying "don't throw me there!!".  But, now I trim all the time and most weeks I have it full for the city to pick up.  I love trimming things back and things look so much better.

This little dove that I posted about earlier left her nest for a little while.  I wonder if a grackle or night owl got her babies or eggs.  But now she's back, starting over and I hope things work out this time.  I'll be watchng.

Also, I was able to change out the water in the fish pond.  It's a little murky, but it will clear up in an hour or so.  The fish are happy! and, I can mark that off of my "very important things to do" list.

Out of this horrible drout came a wonderful storm last week and my mosaic gutter drains were doing their job.  Because we haven't had much rain, I really couldn't check on them.  But, they're good.

This is my patch of perennial eupatorium.  I love this flower!!  Two beautiful black swallowtails were all over them, today.  The monarchs love them, too and I saw one yesterday on it.  I can NEVER get rid of the bermuda grass that you see.  I just feed and take very good care of the eupatorium and hope the bermuda doesn't take too much nourishment from them.  In a week, this will be a sea of purple flowers.

Another perennial vine that I love and has been in my garden for many years is coming back and climbing everywhere.  I've searched and searched and cannot find the name of it.  
Since I'm no longer using my purple martin house, I'm going to let it grow up the martin house pole.  I planted the seeds this morning.  Many times I will break a pot and stick it in the ground to protect the base of the vine or flower that I've planted.  It defines it's territory and it reminds me to be careful when I'm edging the flower beds.
The vines that I love, I plant in several places because I never want to be without seeds in case something happens to one.  That happened one time and I looked for years and finally found it again.  It was a butterfly pea vine with blue flowers.  I'll be posting it again when it starts blooming.
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Some larkspur flowers are beautiful rosettes.
And then there are "bunny bloom" larkspur flowers.

(click on the pictures to enlarge the bunnies)

If  you look closely, the center of the flower is truly shaped like a bunny's head and ears.
And, it's amazing that it's always blooming at Easter time.

It's always fun to share this with my friends who visit my garden.
They are as amazed as I am.
Have you noticed your bunnies, before?

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Isn't he beautiful!

This cardinal has a nest nearby and has babies to feed.
I saw him feeding one of the babies in the honeysuckle on my fence.

Every time I walk out the back door he's suddenly right there, only a few feet away from my head, chirping and chirping at me to give him sunflower seeds.  He's so persistent and demanding!  He knows he can count on me.  I'm very glad to feed him and love that he is communicating with me.
I went into the garden shed to get some sunflower seeds and he perched right there on that scrollie hook and was looking at me and chirping.
The weather has been just wonderful.  Wonderfully cool in the mornings and 80's during the day. 
 I think that's perfect weather for baby birds in the nest.