Sunday, January 20, 2013


It's been so cold and we've had a few light freezes, but my Martha Gonzales antique rose bush just keeps on blooming.  A lot of roses don't bloom during the hot summer, but Martha Gonzales does.  It's such a pretty red rose and new plants start from the roots.  The roses on the right side of this photo are on a new rose bush that grew from the roots.  They hang over my fish pond.

When the weather started getting really cold, I moved my key lime tree under the eaves of my roof, close to my kitchen window.  This is my first winter with this little tree and am surprised and happy to see that it keeps on blooming, even in the winter.  Those are little white blooms dotted all over the tree.  There are lots of baby key limes all over it, too.  I love this little tree.

My friend gave me a Christmas gift to my favorite nursery, Shades of Green.  I love variegated privet and got these two and planted them in the same hole.  They will get very large and wispy/bushy and are good shelter for the birds.

Also, I got this evergreen sumac.  I can hardly wait to get it in the ground.  It will be very good shelter for the birds and it will have red berries that the birds love to eat.
Today is going to be in the 70's, so I'm going to plant it in, just the right spot.  
I get to work in the yard and that is always a good day to me!
Yesterday, I prepared a bed and planted larkspur.  I love larkspur and am getting it started really late, but I think the seeds will come up.
I can hardly wait for spring!!