Sunday, October 21, 2012


When I was designing my studio I knew I needed a place to
move all of my garden things that were in one big cabinet on my patio.
 Gus is the guy I always call when I need help with a project.
 I just wanted a little boxie shed over to the side of my yard.
I told him what I wanted and this is what he built!!!  
Not a little boxie shed, for sure!
When I was planning my garden shed I wanted to find a stained glass piece to go in the front.  
Gus was going to build the front straight across and I said "NO!" 
I want a peak, a place for my stained glass window.
I found this little window at an architectural salvage outlet.
I hand painted vines on the shed and hand painted a big blue plumbago.  
I painted the vines where I knew they would be mixed with 
the natural vines of my potato vine and queen's crown.
Loving birds, I had a big collection of birdhouses and hung lots of them on and around the garden shed.  I've seen the wrens going to them at night.  It is a safe place for them to be.
I built large shelves out of pine boards and they're such a good place for storage.  
All of my bird seed is in here, too.  Everything stays dry.
There is lots of storage in the rafters, too.
I LOVE my garden shed!!