Saturday, May 17, 2014


The weather is just wonderful for working in the yard, today. 
 I got the yard mowed and a few things trimmed back.
One of the best things that's happened to me in a very long time, gardenwise (is that a word?), is the huge compost bin the city has finally given us.  In the past, I just couldn't throw trimmings in the trash for the trash dump.  I guess I was having separation anxiety!  I could just hear them saying "don't throw me there!!".  But, now I trim all the time and most weeks I have it full for the city to pick up.  I love trimming things back and things look so much better.

This little dove that I posted about earlier left her nest for a little while.  I wonder if a grackle or night owl got her babies or eggs.  But now she's back, starting over and I hope things work out this time.  I'll be watchng.

Also, I was able to change out the water in the fish pond.  It's a little murky, but it will clear up in an hour or so.  The fish are happy! and, I can mark that off of my "very important things to do" list.

Out of this horrible drout came a wonderful storm last week and my mosaic gutter drains were doing their job.  Because we haven't had much rain, I really couldn't check on them.  But, they're good.

This is my patch of perennial eupatorium.  I love this flower!!  Two beautiful black swallowtails were all over them, today.  The monarchs love them, too and I saw one yesterday on it.  I can NEVER get rid of the bermuda grass that you see.  I just feed and take very good care of the eupatorium and hope the bermuda doesn't take too much nourishment from them.  In a week, this will be a sea of purple flowers.

Another perennial vine that I love and has been in my garden for many years is coming back and climbing everywhere.  I've searched and searched and cannot find the name of it.  
Since I'm no longer using my purple martin house, I'm going to let it grow up the martin house pole.  I planted the seeds this morning.  Many times I will break a pot and stick it in the ground to protect the base of the vine or flower that I've planted.  It defines it's territory and it reminds me to be careful when I'm edging the flower beds.
The vines that I love, I plant in several places because I never want to be without seeds in case something happens to one.  That happened one time and I looked for years and finally found it again.  It was a butterfly pea vine with blue flowers.  I'll be posting it again when it starts blooming.
Happy Saturday!


  1. Everything is looking good. We have as many compost bends as we need. I normally fill up two big ones a week with cuttings, etc. Hope the little dove eggs hatch. I had two little house wrens in my nest, but they are gone now. We had such hot weather that my yard isn't looking as good as it did on my April Flower post. Looking forward to seeing all your pretty flowers in bloom.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Yes, especially after that good rain last week, everything is looking so green. We've been in a horrible drought for a few years and hoping things will change soon.

  2. It all looks so green and lovely!

    1. Yes, thanks to the wonderful rain we got last week. Hope it happens again,soon.