Saturday, May 31, 2014


This morning it was so nice and cool that I was enjoyed working in the yard for a while.

While I was sweeping my rock walk and loving being outside, a new family of wonderful little chickadees landed just above my head.  One of the parents was really fussing at me to go away so they could show their babies the black oil sunflower seeds.  So, I moved to another part of the yard and watched them.  Soooo cute!!  I LOVE those feisty little birds!!  They're so tiny and so brave!

This morning I was listening to an outdoors show on the radio and the host said to LEAVE THE FAWNS ALONE.  Here, this is the time they are being and have just been born.  He said their mommies leave them to go a short distance to eat and they are nearby watching their babies.  He said the wildlife rescuers said people are bringing in fawns, thinking they're abandoned.  Unless the tiny fawns are injured or sick, leave them alone.  Also, you are taking a risk of the doe attacking you, protecting her baby.  I haven't gotten to see one, yet.  I keep looking, though.

Hope you are having wonderful spring weather, too!

One of my Facebook friends just posted:

  • Diana There are two fawns in the backyard of my house in Timberwood. Their moms gave birth to them in the yard, leave them for short periods of time to forage, then return to nurse them. One was also born there last year and stayed until he could jump the fence to get out. Smart moms know they are safe in the yard!!
  • Lynda Bergman Oh, that's so sweet!! One of my clients in the country said they will bring the babies up to her garage and several will surround the babies to protect them. Thanks for sharing that 


  1. We have several rounds of baby Mourning Doves in our big fir tree every summer. They rebuild the nest but pretty close to where the other ones were. They will let me get right up almost in their face and take pictures. Amazed me. They are sure fun to watch.

    Thanks for dropping by 20 North Ora.


    1. I always love seeing your treasures and they ARE treasures! Have you noticed/at least, here the doves build wimpy little nests for such big birds. I do love their nests and babies, though.

  2. We have lots of birds fussing at us and the kitty cats. We can always tell when the cats are nearby because the birds all join together in one big group fuss!

    1. I know!! Even, different kinds of birds will band together to fuss at a predator (here).I love nature and animal behavior!