Sunday, May 18, 2014


Earlier, I posted about Mr. Cardinal demanding food.
This is not the same cardinal and maybe it's his baby because he's not fully colored out.
His daddy taught him about me.  He flies over when I go in the backyard, so I feed him. 
I love it and I love animal behavior.
Yesterday, I was foolin with the fish pond and really concentrating.  I could hear him chirping at me and was busy and didn't go for sunflower seeds.
All of a sudden, he whistled REAL LOUD and went into song and THAT got my attention.  I went over and got him food.

Today, I was watering in the front yard and  there he was right above me singing for quite a while and I was enjoying it and appreciating him.  I looked up to take a picture, then he flew to the backyard.  I don't know if that was a message or what but this bird's "got my number"!!
I keep waiting for him to turn into Godzilla and land on my head.
But, I'm loving it!!  


  1. Yep, it sounds like his daddy taught him well!

  2. Beautiful bird - we don't get colorful birds in our garden, but we do have great singers.

    1. I'm surprised you don't have cardinals. I thought they were everywhere. One thing I do is keep lots of little trellises in my flower beds and certain limbs trimmed so I can see the birds land on them.

  3. I put out a feeder for the woodpecker that holds dried mealworms and the male cardinal is always sitting on it and just singing away. He is my husband's favorite bird!